WiFi Garage Door Opener with WebCam

Smartphone garage door opener

Q: What am I buying if I still need to provide my own Android phone?
A: You are paying for the
iHued Cable that connects your old/donor Android phone to your power garage door opener.

Q: What Android phone can I use? Requirements:
A: Android phone should have:
camera FLASH (light), WiFi, and a REAR facing camera (one opposite the screen). Almost all older phones have those 3 features. If you aren't sure email HERE

Q: Does the old donor phone need to have active cell phone service?
A: No, old donor Android phone does not need active cell phone service. It just needs to be connected to your home WiFi network.

Q: Can I still use the USB plug to charge my donor Android phone?
A: Yes, the USB plug on the donor Android phone will be free. Keep the charger plugged in so the phone stays powered ON.

Q: How does it work?
1: Download and install an app to the OLD/DONOR Android phone
2: Plug the iHued-Cable we send you from the phone to the garage (30 sec job)
3: Go to www.EXAMPLE.com to view live video feed and see garage controls

Q: Can I install the iHued Cable myself? And how long would it take?
A: Yes, it is so easy to install a child could do it. It only takes 30 seconds to install and may not even require a screw driver. With my directions my wife was able to do it in 2 minutes.
"wifi garage door opener"

Q: Is my power garage door opener compatible?
A: About 95% of all garage door openers worldwide are compatible with our
iHued-Cable. If it doesn't work, return it. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. "android garage door opener"

Q: Can I see the webcam or control the garage from anywhere in the world?
A: Yes, as long as you have access to the internet by computer, tablet or phone… you can both see the live video feed and control the garage door at the same time.
"wi-fi garage door opener"

Q: What about security? Could someone log in and open my garage?
A: No, it totally safe and secure. To view the video and garage controls you will need a username and password. Please setup a secure username and password. "smart phone garage door opener"

Q: Could I share the link so my friends or family members can operate the garage or see the live video feed?
A: Yes, you can sent the link to anyone you wish. If they have the website address, username and password they too can use all of the features. "internet garage door opener"

Q: Can I change the username & password?
A: Yes. You have to be on the phone physically to change the username and password. If you lose your cell phone please change them. "ios garage door opener"

Q: Is there warranty on the iHued-Cable?
A: Yes. iHued-Cable has a 90 day warranty. If anything goes wrong we will replace it for FREE. "web garage door opener"

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